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About Us


There is something that we want you to know about Habanero Fresh Mex! We cook the best Mexican food in Alvin and Friendswood, Texas. We also cook it from scratch. With 20 plus years of experience, we like to think that we are experts on the subject. You can count on each of our delicious recipes using only the finest ingredients that combine for a taste that will keep you coming back for more. 
Here is what you can expect when you visit with us:

  • Foods that are always made from scratch – We cook the most delicious Mexican food around. The best part is that we make it from scratch, just like you remember it being cooked at home.

  • Traditional Foods and Tastes – This is what make the Habanero Fresh Mex experience so much fun. Traditional foods are making a comeback, and we are glad to be leading the charge.

  • Kids Plates - We know that kids have an appetite—but not always at the right time. We have yummy kids’ plates we know the youngsters will enjoy.

  • Soups and Salads - How many restaurants can you frequent that offer a menu of soups and salads? Not many! With us it is all about customer service and providing the foods that are healthy and fresh. For many families, it is a chance to take the family out and to eat affordable and healthy.

We appreciate being able to cook fine Mexican cuisines that people enjoy. We really enjoy cooking meals from scratch. People are reminded of how meals used to be cooked in the “old” days when everything was used and nothing was wasted. Visit us today and become a part of our family. We will be happy to share everything we know about authentic Mexican food with your family! 

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