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Catering Services


Habanero Fresh Mex provides exceptional catering services in Friendswood and Alvin, TX. We cater for any occasion and our mission is to make your event memorable. You can expect your order to be freshly prepared and delivered on time. Catering is fast, convenient, hassle free and perfect for the job if there is a sizeable meeting that is ready for lunch. We have the menus and the fine, reliable cooks to meet your needs. We love catering, and we always enjoy giving our customers an idea of what they might ask when inquiring about our catering services.

Always have a solid idea of how many people will need to be served. This gives us an idea of how to put your meal all together. We will know how many nacho trays to put together or if the dishes should be heavy or light.

Keep in mind that your choice of Mexican dishes should revolve around when the meal will be served. Lunch or dinner, we can make it happen for your group.

Most importantly, talk to us about the types of food you want us to serve. If it is true authentic Mexican dishes you want, and cooked from scratch, we are the restaurant to fill the order. We are always helpful and will offer some great suggestions. Our goal is to be the first caterer that comes to mind when you choose to have food catered again.

We are family owned and operated, so you can expect your catered food to have an authentic touch of creativity and warmth. If you have not visited our restaurant in person, we hope that our catering services will be an incentive and warm welcome for you to step through our front door. 

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